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Word on the street

Word on the street

Q. There's such a huge trend for street food at weddings that my fiancé and I are keen to jump on board! How do we know which is the best to choose?

A. Carl ODwyer says: Carl says: Street food is trending more than ever of late and getting very popular for weddings, especially for evening time. Key things to look out for are to check a business via their social media profiles, to see how popular they are – and how much they engage with their social following. Check out their reviews on Facebook, Google and Trip Advisor, and if possible contact a couple of wedding reviewers for feedback on their service and value. You can also choose to visit them at events or their usual trading place to get a feel for their customer service – and of course try their food before you commit. It's best to get several quotes from different vendors, too, to help you ensure you make the right choice for your big day.

Carl ODwyer


Sticky situation

Sticky situation

Q. We're having an outdoor wedding in the summer, and I wanted a cream and jam wedding cake. My sister says we'll be attacked by wasps! Is there an alternative?

A. Clare Koch says: Clare says: Since summer is the most popular wedding time, we cake-makers have to be prepared for any weather and condition. Research is sometimes necessary, but any cake that is outdoors is going to be susceptible to the elements. There's the worry of it being too warm and melting icing or rain spoiling it, so a cake at an outdoor wedding should be covered as much as possible. Insects are going to be attracted to any sweet food source, but you could possibly fill plant pots with repellent such as thyme plants, citronella or have peppermint oil in burners. With the trend continuing for naked/ semi-naked and buttercream finish cakes, this can be more worrying than other wedding cakes, as they don't have the support of a fondant finish and should definitely be discussed at the consultation.

Clare Koch


Bigger is better

Bigger is better

Q. We want 200 guests at our evening reception, but my mam says that's far too many. How much do wedding venues help when such a large party needs to be catered for?

A. Nicole Wardle says: Nicole says: Wow – what a popular couple you are! A big evening reception is great; there'll be such a fab atmosphere, a nice full dancefloor and lots of fun. The key is to make sure your venue is comfortable with your numbers, and do take their advice on catering options. Venues are very flexible these days, with lots of different options on tap.

It is your venue's responsibility and duty of care to advise a realistic capacity for your evening reception, and if your numbers fall within this guideline, then you should all have a wonderful night. The bar will be controlled, the restrooms well checked and the area spacious enough.

In terms of stress, the only thing to consider from your perspective is getting around everyone to say “hi” and maybe have a dance with them – that's a lot of people to see!

I would highly recommend a good entertainment base to make sure such a big group has lots of ways to enjoy themselves. A live band or DJ, casino tables, photo booths, magicians and caricaturists are all super-popular options.

Nicole Wardle