FAQs and expert advice about men's formal wear

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Suits you

Suits you

Q. My partner and I want matching suits for our wedding – but also don't want to look identical. What should we choose?

A. Paul Smith says: Here at Bakers, we recommend subtle changes, such as the waistcoat style or colour to give your suit a lift. Double breasted waistcoats are on trend right now, and work if you're looking for a difference to your wedding photos. Other ways could be adding fancy ties to give more of an occasion-outfit feel. You want a look that's timeless, sharp and individual. Sometimes changes can be as small as adding a pocket watch to your outfit, or having a different buttonhole. Whatever you go for, bear in mind that wedding outfits don't need to be bold and eccentric. A good-fitting garment can be all you need – the pictures are for life, so don't date your pictures for the sake of being different.

Paul Smith, Bakers Tailoring


Trend setters

Trend setters

Q. I'm looking for a groom's suit for my wedding, what's currently on trend?

A. Danielle Harvey says: After the effect of last year's pandemic on the wedding industry, typical trends have taken a back seat as people are just so happy to finally be tying the knot!

For those looking for big-day suit inspiration you can't go wrong with bold colourful suits or striking checked patterns – perfect for summer al fresco nuptials, which will be oh-so popular this year and next.

Colour palettes of blues, greens and reds – think berry tones – are the must-have suit hues, and the mix 'n' match ensemble is a trend that's here to stay.

If you're not confident wearing something quite as standout as mentioned, bring these elements into your accessory choices: ties, waistcoats, pocket squares, socks and shoes!

Danielle Harvey, County wedding Magazines


Looking your best

Looking your best

Q. I want to look my best for our whimsical-themed wedding, what style suits would you suggest?

A. Chris Curtis says: At Suitperior, we love the whimsical wedding theme as it allows our grooms to step away from the traditional navy three-piece suits and capture the essence of spring and summer with stunning pastel shades. Our three-piece sky-blue and cream suits are perfect examples of this and are brilliantly versatile, allowing you to add finishing touches such as bow ties or neckties to suit your style.

A rising trend and a perfect fit for this theme is the comeback of the black two-piece tuxedo and we absolutely love it. Complete with black shoes and a bow tie, you're guaranteed to look and feel your sophisticated best!

Chris Curtis, Suitperior