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Capturing special moments

Capturing special moments

Q. We would like a videographer for our day but not sure we want to spend the money. Can you tell us why it's important?

A. Wayne Connelly says: My friend didn't have a videographer, and it's her single biggest regret.

During the planning process, it can be very tempting to shoe-horn videography in after everything when there's little to no budget left. Videography may not seem like an exciting purchase as a wedding film isn't something that happens during your wedding.

In a nutshell, putting a little extra money to one side and hiring a good videographer is one of the most critical investments you'll make in your lifetime. A good videographer will take your fading memories and bring them back to life. The emotional glances, the sounds of people's voices, the anticipation, the kisses, the excitement, the powerful embraces between people that mean the world to you, the laughter and the silly dancing – these are the moments that are so easy to forget. We aim to capture all of the above while piecing your story together and telling it in a way that is timeless, powerful and emotive. It's something that you and your loved ones can relive, time and time again.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that being with family and friends is the greatest love we have!

Wayne Connelly,Green Biscuit Studio