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Gift of giving

Gift of giving

Q. I'm totally stuck for gift ideas for our bridesmaids! Perfume or vouchers seem so obvious – is there anything we can gift that will make them realise how special they are?

A. Kelly Ibinson says: A personalised gift box for each bridesmaid would be a lovely idea. That way, you can fill them with little gifts and keepsakes suited to each individual. You could add things like personalised slippers and a robe for the morning of the wedding, or a wedding day candle so that when they light it, they are reminded of your day.

A champagne flute and a little clay heart keepsake are also great ideas, as it's these token gifts that will show them how much they're appreciated. Each item could also be personalised with their name, role and wedding date and will act as a lovely way to remind them of the role they had on your day.

Whatever you choose, I'm sure your bridesmaids will appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into each gift they receive from you.

Kelly Ibinson