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Festival fever

Festival fever

Q. I met my husband-to-be at the Isle of Wight festival – and he proposed the following year at Glastonbury! We therefore want to host our own mini wedding festival, but so far the venues we've looked at are far too regimented. What can you suggest?

A. Alison Bell Hornsey says: We love it when there is a connection between the engagement and the wedding, as it's a great opportunity to let your personalities shine through. I'd say the key to a successful festival wedding is having everyone stay on-site, so try to find a venue where there are options for everyone (remembering that not all of your guests will rough it). We have options – camping, glamping, beach cabins, a bunkhouse and cottage – to suit a variety of guest needs.

Music and food are the next most important things. If there are a few bands, we strongly recommend using a music agent to book, as they'll make sure they all turn up on time, avoiding delays that could spoil your day. For food, look for a venue that allows you to book your own caterer. Then inject your personality with street vendors that you love.

Alison Bell Hornsey