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Plan in place

Plan in place

Q. I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the planning process. What are your top tips for planning a stress-free wedding?

A. Hannah Taylor says: Budget for the most important things first of all, then you know you're covered if you start to run out towards the end. Next, book your suppliers early – there's no reason to wait, so get your date in their diary now. Communication with guests is also key – guests are definitely the most difficult part of wedding planning! A wedding website is the best way to keep them updated, ad make it as easy as possible for them to return their RSVPs with dietary requirements and food choices. Also, now's the time to make it clear who's invited, from the whole family or adults only. Guests will also want to know what to wear, times, transport options, accommodation choices and location. Send your Save The Dates as soon as you've booked your venue and ceremony so they know well in advance!

Finally, book a wedding coordinator – you want to make sure everything that you've planned for months actually comes together on the day. Let them look after all of the logistical elements for you – because no-one should be stressed on their wedding day!

Hannah Taylor, The Wedding Taylor


Planning procedure

Planning procedure

Q. My fiancé recently proposed, but I don't know where to start with the planning! What's the first thing I need to book and the best things to think about after that?

A. Cat Richardson says: It's easy to feel overwhelmed with endless options when you first become engaged. That's why I always recommend you start by reflecting on what matters to you most. The first thing to think about booking is your reception and ceremony venue, as this will set your date and guest list. Next, consider your must-haves – this could be a country backdrop, certain location, or even a late license. Next, think about how you want everything to feel. For example, do you want formal and traditional – or relaxed and modern? However, before you visit any venues, it's essential to have considered your budget. As a loose rule, your venue and catering can be up to 50% of your overall budget, so having some figures in mind will certainly help focus your search. If you're still a little stuck it can be a good investment to work with a wedding planner in the areas that you need most support. How much help you need is up to you. Above all, it's your day, so do it your way!

Cat Richardson, Saying I Do


Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

Q. We're getting married next December but don't celebrate the festivities. How do we prevent our wedding from looking Christmassy without coming across as a pair of Scrooges?

A. Siobhan Noone says: An all-white wedding is my absolute dream colour scheme, and if you wanted to go down this route, winter is the perfect time to do just that! With this palette there'll be no Christmassy greens, purples or reds in sight. If that's not for you then winter is the perfect time of year to play around with neutral colour schemes, from light and dark greys to creams and Champagne.

Furthermore, don't be afraid of adding a rustic feel. In the world of weddings, we're all-too-guilty of associating a rustic theme with spring and summer celebrations. In fact, a rustic wedding can be just as charming in the winter. Imagine log cabins in the snow or sitting by a woodburning fire – even the smell of fresh pine trees. Winter isn't all about Christmas – it's the most romantic time of the year! Give your guests that cosy, fuzzy feeling we've all felt and love by incorporating rustic décor into your big day.

Siobhan Noone, Le Petit Chateau


Al fresco weddings

Al fresco weddings

Q. We're planning to have an outdoor celebration, but I'm not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas?

A. Donna Hartley-Redfearn says: If you're looking for a chilled and laid-back wedding infused with fabulous food, live music and a fire cracking atmosphere, then an outdoor wedding could be for you! Some people assume that hosting an outdoor event will not be within their budget, but this wedding style couldn't be more fun and gives you the ultimate freedom to embrace everything, including the weather.

After identifying the style you want to create, decide what structure you're after. There are many options from teepees, circus tents, classic marquees, and modern glass domes that scream elegance. Don't worry if you need power, as a generator and luxury bathrooms can be added. Once you have found the perfect setting, consider how the spaces can function on the day.

The next thing to consider is the catering options, including the menu and the dining experience you want guests to have – this could be relaxed street food, a roaring barbecue or formal dining. Remember that entertainment is vital in creating the perfect day; imagine a live band, ceilidh, or a DJ banging out tunes into the early hours of the morning.

If the idea of planning and pulling everything together stresses you out, think about securing a wedding planner that specialises in outdoor events to oversee the suppliers and coordinate the day.

Donna Hartley-Redfearn, North East Wedding Planner