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Thin line

Thin line

Q. I'm naturally very slim and normally wear a size six. As such I'm worried most dresses will show off the fact I have no curves or chest! What gowns should I be looking at to help me look my best on my big day?

A. Susanne Shah says: Susanne says: The best advice that I can give, is to try on different designs and shapes. Often brides disregard a particular dress, but they could fall in love with it once they see it on. Never judge from the hanger!

With a slim figure and smaller chest you have the advantage of being able to consider a backless dress, as less support is required. If that is too much on show, then a strapless dress would work, to give a romantic and sexy look showing off your neck, shoulder and back. Consider dresses with ruching across the chest, too, as this can give the appearance of a fuller bust. Embellishment across the neckline or delicate embroidery and beading in the right places can also give you shape.

A dress that fits snug to your waist will help accentuate the curves you do have and a ballgown with a fitted bodice and full skirt, would give the illusion of curves and a very feminine shape.

Susanne Shah


Dress to impress

Dress to impress

Q. My fiancé and I are planning our wedding in just three months. What dresses are set to be hot for spring 2019?

A. Cheryl Ashford says: Choosing your wedding dress is such an exciting experience, yet it can easily become a little overwhelming because there is so much choice and things to consider. What shape shall I look at? What fabric shall I choose? Try not to get too caught up on a certain designer. Instead, look at all the dresses a store has to offer within your budget. Most designers do similar styles, as they all follow the same yearly trends, and no one knows what designer your dress is, so don't worry if you have never heard of them before.

As for what dresses are hot for spring, for 2019 the bridal trends are still very much picking up on elements from a bygone era. By this, I mean lots of 1920s-inspired gowns, with glitz and glam detailing, plunging necklines and sheer/nude panels, giving a tattoo effect on the skin with cleverly placed embellishments.

Cheryl Ashford