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The perfect fit

The perfect fit

Q. I've found my dream gown, and my first fitting is just around the corner. What advice can you share with me to make the process easier?

A. Norma Arthur says: Arrive with your dress in a full-length gown bag, which is helpful for storage and minimises handling during the alterations process. Ensure you bring the correct underwear and shoes for the first fitting, as these will affect your posture and how your dress will fit.

You might feel more comfortable bringing a companion along to help you in and out of the gown, which gives them valuable practice for the big day itself. However, the seamstress expects physical contact for them to do their job; they'll do their best to make fittings private and relaxed. Whilst it is often helpful to have someone who can assist the bride, always enquire about bringing extra people along. Where alterations are required to several bridesmaids' dresses from the same group, it's helpful that the bride is the companion at each fitting.

Your measurements will be taken and maybe your weight at your first fitting unless discussed and agreed otherwise. The seamstress will not expect any significant variation from the original measurements between fittings. If the bride is trying to lose weight for the wedding, it will cause issues with the fit of the dress if the weight loss continues beyond the first fitting.

The team might want to capture before and after photographs of the gown to help with their work. If the seamstress wishes to use this publicity, you should be asked for consent.

Norma Arthur, Amble Pin Cushion


The WOW factor

The WOW factor

Q. I can't wait to find the perfect wedding gown, what do I need to keep in mind during my first appointment?

A. Danni Hesketh says: It's important to keep an open mind when looking for a wedding dress; our stylists will start by getting to know all about you, the special day and any desired styles before pulling together the perfect gowns to try on at our studio.

Even though you may have particular styles in mind, we will often show you a wildcard that we think would be perfect for you – nine times out of 10 this will end up being your dream dress.

It's essential to trust the stylists, our team has had more than 10 years' experience and we know our collections inside out – put your faith in us and be ready to fall in love!

Danni Hesketh, YAP Bridal Boutique