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Music to my ears

Music to my ears

Q. There are so many wedding pianists to choose from in my area! What should we look for to make sure we end up with the best?

A. Angela Hall says: Angela says: Music is an extremely important part of your wedding day, and hiring a live musician can create magical moments you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Choosing your own music adds a personal touch and creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere throughout the day.

It's important to find a musician who matches your taste and budget and who will work with you to create the ambience you're looking for.

I offer a completely personal service to my couples, working closely with them to build a bespoke musical programme for their wedding day. Often, a couple will have a particular song they would like included in their day but feel that it doesn't match the mood they are hoping to create. I make my own arrangement of the song with a twist – I've played brides down the aisle to heavy metal, songs from video games and even raps!

Angela Hall


I'm with the band

I'm with the band

Q. My dad is adamant he wants '60s music at the evening of our wedding. However, my mates will want more up-to-date tunes! Are there wedding bands that versatile, or is it best to stick to a DJ?

A. Gareth Beddard says: Weddings now are more like festivals, and you'll want your guests to have the time of their lives – and go away talking about your wedding for years to come! I therefore believe you're best booking a band, as live music creates an atmosphere and energy through a visual performance for your guests to enjoy.

Most bands have versatile set lists – ours ranges from Queen and AC/DC to smash hits from The Backstreet Boys and Hanson! Make sure you choose a band that you enjoy, remembering it's your big day. You can always have a DJ at the end of the evening, and most bands provide this service inclusive of their rate. When enquiring about a band, ask to see their set list and, if possible, go to watch them play a live gig.

Gareth Beddard