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Hair today...

Hair today...

Q. My husband-to-be wants scalp micropigmentation to hide his hair loss. Are there any dos and don'ts when it comes to this?

A. Liam Cheek says: Scalp micropigmentation is cosmetic tattooing that offers a solution to hair loss by replicating hair follicles, giving the impression of a shaved head or, in some cases of patchy loss, a fuller look. Non-invasive and requiring no downtime, it's performed over three sessions to build up a range of pigment colours, thereby giving a more natural effect. I'd recommend your partner starts his journey in plenty of time, as it takes between six to nine weeks to see results.

In terms of dos and don'ts, avoid chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms and tanning beds for 28 days after his final scalp micropigmentation session. I also recommend no scrubbing, shampooing or shaving over the treated area for four to five days after each treatment. If he does any of these things during the healing process, it might remove some of the pigment, which will affect the result of the procedure

Liam Cheek, House of Gentlemen