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Ready, set, bake

Ready, set, bake

Q. We're having an intimate wedding but still want a showstopping cake. How can we achieve this?

A. Graeme Venus says: When we create our cakes, people want a much taller and grander design to achieve that wow factor. However, in this case the cake would go to waste if it's only a small intimate wedding.

In these circumstances, we use dummy tiers that are made from polystyrene. This means couples don't have the extra cost or waste because they only have the amount needed.

We cover the dummy tiers the same way we do with the whole cake and use chocolate and sugar for the decorations – every couple can have the cake of their dreams this way!

Graeme Venus,Sticky Sponge Cake Studio


Tiers of joy

Tiers of joy

Q. What should we take into consideration when planning our summer wedding cake?

A. Ami Plant and Barbara Jackson says: When creating a cake for a summer wedding, you need to consider your environment. A warm day in a marquee with the cake table in direct sunlight will not suit a semi-naked or buttercream cake; they should be kept indoors in an air-conditioned room. Fondant cakes are better in warmer weather because a good quality white chocolate ganache supports them while giving neat lines and sharp edges. We increase the ratio of white chocolate in warmer weather to ensure your cake remains stable.

A reputable professional will ensure your cake not only tastes delicious but looks as good after delivery. They should know how to stack and support it properly, what flavours and designs are on-trend and what will suit your theme and venue. Make sure your cake gets pride of place and discuss with your venue in advance to make sure that the cake will be displayed beautifully. You don't want crumpled table linen, poor stands or fire extinguishers as a backdrop to ruin the lovely photos. Consider some pretty additions such as cake pops, macarons or other treats to set-up on pretty trays and boxes to give the wow factor.

Ami Plant and Barbara Jackson,Sherbert Moon Wedding Cakes


Ready, set, bake

Ready, set, bake

Q. We have a tight budget for our wedding but want a tasty cake for our guests to enjoy. What advice can you share with us?

A. Helen Edwards says: With the current economic climate, budgets are going to be one of the top priorities with every part of life – not just planning a wedding. But, how can you save some pennies on your wedding cake, without cutting corners?

If you want a large cake, the first option is to opt for a naked or a semi-naked cake rather than a traditional iced one. This way you're knocking off not only the cost of the icing, but it's quicker to make and time is money.

However, if your numbers have dropped a little, or you're not particularly after a traditional bake, a cupcake wedding cake makes a great alternative. Add in a top cutting tier if the budget stretches to it. This option allows you to cater for the number of guests you have invited, and the cupcakes could even double up as your wedding favours if you supplied them in some pretty little boxes for guests. Cupcake boxes are readily available at our favourite bargain shops, and by using a feature cake stand to display the cupcakes, you can create a truly stunning display. Here at Vanilla Teas, we offer free cake stand hire, saving you even more money!

Helen Edwards,Vanilla Teas


Bake off

Bake off

Q. My partner and I are huge bakers – making cakes is how we met! We want our wedding guests to be surrounded by scrumptious cake but not just in terms of the actual wedding bake. What other fun ways can we incorporate our love of baking into our big day without getting our hands dirty?

A. Laura Ellen Graham says: Laura says: There are so many creative and fun ways to incorporate tasty treats into your big day. Why not consider hiring us to make you a personalised cookie or signature cupcake? They make excellent wedding favours, and we can take inspiration from your favourite cocktails, childhood sweets or even your go-to breakfast bap – maple and bacon cupcakes, anyone? Personalised touches are what makes a wedding, so how about a dessert table too? The perfect accompaniment to your wedding cake, they're often filled with a much wider variety of goodies for your guests to nibble and graze on throughout the evening. From doughnuts to macarons and pastries to cheesecakes, we can provide them all. Guests can be served by our staff or help themselves to an array of personalised goodies arranged beautifully on our vintage traile

Laura Ellen Graham