FAQs and expert advice about stationery

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Your type on paper

Your type on paper

Q. We want stationery to match our garden-themed wedding, what would you suggest?

A. Helen Scott says: To encapsulate your garden-themed wedding, pick stationery with floral illustrations and watercolours while featuring the natural beauty of seasonal blossoms and foliage.

For colour palettes, I would take inspiration from the location and backdrop of your venue and include this across the stationery pieces.

Alternatively, incorporate delicate or lush greenery in different shades into the design for a more subtle but effective way to highlight the theme no matter the season.

Make a personal monogram design by having greenery wreaths around your initials. Then carry on your chosen design, matching on-the-day stationery to create a seamless coordinated theme throughout.

Go that extra mile and name your tables after different flowers or foliage, and print the designs on seeded paper, which complements the theme and is environmentally friendly.

Helen Scott, Helen Scott Design


Beautifully bespoke

Beautifully bespoke

Q. What are common mistakes that other couples make with their wedding stationery and how can this be avoided?

A. Michael Hall says: Here at Above the Clouds Wedding Stationery, our favourite pieces to work on are bespoke designs that express a couple's personalities and interests while giving a personal touch to the items. Stationery should provide a general feel of the wedding.

Our top tip would be to order more stationery than you need, even if that's just five extra pieces. No matter how many times you go through your guest list, there's always the odd person who needs to be added. Printers also tend to charge more for short runs, so just a few extra could end up costing less than you think.

Most of your guests will be couples, so we generally recommend you half the guest list when figuring out how many invitations to order and add five to ten more for the day and then evening invitations to cover any extra individuals.

Michael Hall, Above the Clouds Wedding Stationery


Made with love

Made with love

Q. I want to add beautiful touches to my wedding day, what would you suggest? 

A. Samantha Lois Dunn says: Samantha says: A good place to start is by creating personal and luxury invitations and save-the-date cards. I offer a bespoke design service whereby I hand-illustrate wedding stationery which includes every aspect of your wedding. Just let me know the flowers and venue and I will do the rest. 

Attention to detail is on every wedding planner's mind. Help your guests feel truly cherished with handmade wedding favours which can double up as place names.

My wedding favours come in the form of hexagonal coasters featuring individually hand-crafted guest names set-in clear resin, sprinkled with dried flower petals and finished with luxury gold-leaf flakes. 

Samantha Lois Dunn, Samantha Louis Illustrations


Your type on paper

Your type on paper

Q. I want our wedding stationery to reflect our big day, what would your top advice be for this?

A. Liam Grieves says: Your wedding stationery is the first thing your guests see, and it can indicate what the wedding day will be like. If you have a theme or style in mind, you could drop in elements of this onto your invites and use the colour scheme from your flowers, venue, or décor to add an excellent subtle indicator too.

Adding texture or patterns can add character, like wood or rustic textures for a barn wedding. The most popular option for our clients that helps their invites reflect their special day is using their chosen flowers, which makes them look bright and pretty.

If you combine all of what we have mentioned, it will help you achieve a good reflection of your wedding, and you end up with a design that's bespoke to you!

Liam Grieves, Above The Clouds Wedding Stationery