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Romancing the stone

Romancing the stone

Q. My fiancé popped the question, and now it's time to find the perfect engagement ring. I want something that stands out from the norm, so what other gemstones can we consider that aren't regular diamonds?

A. Jemma McFarlane says: Sapphires can be the perfect alternative when choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring. They are usually less expensive than diamonds and can be sourced to suit most budgets. Blue is the most popular, but you can get purple, green, yellow, pink or even a colourless sapphire.

When it comes to hardness, sapphires rank just below diamonds. They are extremely durable and tough, don't easily break, chip or damage and can withstand heat, chemicals and light.

When choosing, consider a shade to match your style, personality and skin tone. You should also think about the cut. Brilliant cut (round) and princess cut (square) are the popular choices, but you you may prefer a marquise cut (pointed oval), trillion cut (triangle) shape or a pear cut among the many available.

Jemma McFarlane