FAQs and expert advice about flower preservation

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Live forever

Live forever

Q. I really want fresh flowers for my bouquet, but hate the fact once they wilt and die I'll only get to see them in pictures. What other ways are there in terms of drying them out that I can keep as a keepsake?

A. Samantha Sanderson says: We specialise in drying your flowers in 3D using silica sand, then setting them into a high quality crystal clear resin. That way they'll last a lifetime!

You don't have to preserve every single bloom, and we have a huge range of moulds available to ensure we capture your wedding day exactly as you remember it, from love signs to huge display blocks. What's more, we aim to keep our prices low to ensure everyone can keep a piece of the magic, whilst not compromising on quality, to help you create the most beautiful bespoke preservation. Plus you can reserve your date for only £10 deposit, too!

Samantha Sanderson, Made By Mannie