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Second time around

Second time around

Q. My husband and I have been married 20 years and want to renew our vows. How can we make it feel like a wedding?

A. Lisa Wilson says: Lisa says: A vow renewal is a wonderful way to celebrate how far you've come and celebrate your special anniversary. With a celebrant-led renewal of vows ceremony, yours will be personalised. It can include special memories, the reasons why you are renewing your vows and old and new commitments to each other as you publicly declare “I still do.” You might wish to repeat the same vows you had in your original wedding ceremony or perhaps even use totally new words to express your love.

The good news is there are no restrictions on the type of ceremony you can have – it can include all the traditions, modern twists, religious content, humour or something completely alternative, bold and real. Your ceremony can take place day or night, indoor or outdoor and doesn't have to be in a licensed venue. If you've dreamed of a ceremony on a beach, at your family home or at the place you first met – you can have it!

Lisa Wilson


Let's celebrate

Let's celebrate

Q. My fiancé and I are getting married at a register office to legally tie the knot, as the venue we've fallen in love with isn't licensed. How can we still say our vows and have some kind of service when we enjoy our real wedding at our chosen venue?

A. Janet Glenwright says: Because the legal aspect of your marriage is being completed in the register office, you can use an independent celebrant, who is not confined to using licensed premises. You can have what you want, when you want and where you want by using an independent celebrant, which means you can have the ceremony of your dreams!

A celebrant will meet you to plan what you want included and is able to write you a bespoke ceremony. This can include symbolic elements, cultural elements – in fact, anything you would like can probably be done. Unlike registrars and humanists, independent celebrants are not constrained by any particular dogma.

Your ceremony can still include vows and promises, exchanging of rings with associated vows and the signing of a wedding certificate. This is an opportunity to have a unique and personal wedding ceremony – a true celebration of your love and future together.

Janet Glenwright