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The finishing touch

The finishing touch

Q. I'm trying to pick jewellery for our big day. What advice and tips would you give me when trying to find what to wear?

A. Jemma McFarlane says: I'd always recommend matching the colour of the metal to the wedding and engagement rings, this helps create a set when worn together. Pick something simple and elegant as you wouldn't want to take away from the main features, which will be the wedding and engagement ring set. There are many style factors to consider; if you're wearing your hair down, I'd go for studs while for short hair you can go for drop earrings. Stud earrings are a great way to add subtle sparkle, while drop earrings can add a lot of glamour. If the wedding dress is close to the neckline avoid wearing them all together, wear them with a V-neck or strapless dress. Single stone pendants are a great way to complement a dress or, if there's space, a longer elegant design to create a feature. Long sleeves are a big no for bracelets but three-quarter-length and above are perfectly fine. As it's close to the hands, keep it delicate and simple to not take away from the rings. Also, consider if wearing the jewellery will damage the dress or hairstyle.

Jemma McFarlane