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Pearls of widom

Pearls of widom

Q. I want to surprise mine and my fiancé's mam with some custommade pearl jewellery as a thank you at our wedding. What's on-trend right now that's stylish but also traditional?

A. Emine Thompson says: One of the best thank you gifts for mams has got to be a pair of pearl earrings. Pearl jewellery and accessories are very trendy at the moment, and this trend will continue in 2023 and beyond. As well as being trendy, pearls are also very classy and traditional and represent wisdom.

If, however, pearls are not to your taste, then a pair of gemstone earrings can be the best alternative. The stone can be their birthstone or stone of the month of your wedding. Gemstone studs are a simple yet elegant option for those who like a little colour in their jewellery choices.

You can also let them make their own pair of earrings at a jewellery making workshop. This way they will treasure the jewellery they made and will treasure the time they spent together with their daughter and daughter-in-law – a double gift!

Emine Thompson, Silverkupe Handmade Jewellery