Creating the perfect sweet table at your wedding

candy bar at a wedding filled with lots of jars with sweets Online sweetie wholesaler Wholesale Sweets is helping couples create the tastiest sweets table for their guests to enjoy on their wedding day.

Sweets tables are a great way to give guests another treat at wedding receptions and over the years they've become extremely popular. Kathryn Hague from Wholesale Sweets said: "We understand that catering to your guests is an important part of your wedding day so we wanted to give couples some tips on how to create a gorgeous sweets table that guests will keep coming back to.

"Sweet tables are a lovely addition to a reception and it doesn't always have to cost the earth. It adds an extra element to your party that guests can enjoy. And with such a huge range of sweets, you can find something your younger guests will love as well as the adults.

"Having said that, we know that it can be tricky knowing how to lay everything out, deciding where to put the sweets table and having enough jars, scoops and sweeties bags for everything and everyone. This is all important in ensuring the table looks neat yet enticing!

"Using a colour palette and different dimensions is usually the key to making a sweets table look luxurious that's why we offer a huge range of pick and mix colours so that they can match any theme.

"Hopefully these tips will help couples heading towards their big day and will encourage them to put together a super tasty sweetie table."

sweet table of blue and pink flavoured and coloured sweets How to set up a sweets table:
1. Location is important
It's important that your sweets table is accessible to your guests but you also don't want it to be in the way. The last thing you want is people crowding around a table that makes it harder for other guests to get around. The best location is preferably against a wall. Depending on your chosen venue it could also be a good idea to have this table in the entrance or canopy area.

2. Have a colour palette
One of the best ways to make a sweets table look gorgeous is to have a great colour palette. You can then incorporate sweets and decorations that match this to give it all a clean, fun and put together look. Pinks and whites are usually popular colours that will fit that wedding look.

3. Choose your sweets
When selecting your wedding sweets, try to have a variety for all of your guests to enjoy and incorporate chocolates and marshmallows as well as confectionery.

candy bar with pink and white treat on gold serving platters flower backdrop 4. Cover the table
In order to make the display look amazing, you'll want to cover the table with a cloth that ties in with your colour palette. This doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something to help tie everything together.

5. How to lay out your sweets
So you've chosen your sweets, but how should you lay these out? You'll want to use things like mason jars and cake stands as a place for your goodies. This will also allow you to separate each of the products and group them together.

6. Use height and depth
Make your sweets table look fun and busy by adding different dimensions - this is what is going to make your table look luxurious. You can do this by having some larger mason jars as well as some smaller ones. Try getting different sizes cake stands too and create levels by using some boxes to prop up your sweets.

open rustic display stand outside with sweets on 7. Add signs
Adding signs is completely optional but is also a fun way to add another element to your table. You could print these off or buy small chalkboard pieces and write the name of each sweet on there. Alternatively why not have one at the end of the table with a list of all of the goodies available to your guests. If you want to skip on the little signs then why not get one large one and label it "Sweetie table" so your sweet-toothed guests know where to head.

8. Think about how your guests will eat them
Having a sweets table is great but how are your guests going to enjoy their confectionery? This is something you need to think about if you're having things like pick n mix on your table. One option is to get candy bags and place them at one end of the table for guests to fill up.

9. Add other accessories
If you want to jazz up the table even more, some other accessories you could add include flowers and backdrops. But of course this is completely optional.

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