7 unique wedding traditions from around the world 

indian bride and groom on their wedding day in gold and red attire touching heads Weddings come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are so many unique traditions that make them special in different countries. There are many customs you are likely already familiar with, such as proposing with a diamond engagement ring and throwing your bouquet on the big day. However, there are so many other interesting traditions from around the globe that you're sure to love. 

New research from engagement ring retailer, Angelic Diamonds, takes us on a trip around the world to find out more about wedding traditions and costs in every corner of the globe. Today, we're taking a closer look at some of our very favourite traditions. Despite their differences, there is one thing that all these traditions have in common. They are all in place to bring luck, happiness, and love to a union between the happy couple. 

One beautiful and symbolic tradition celebrated in Norwegian wedding ceremonies is the customary Norwegian bridal crown. During the ceremony, the bride will wear an ornate crown crafted in silver and gold (this is often an heirloom piece). These crowns are traditionally fitted with charms that dangle from the headpiece and make jingling sounds. According to superstition, the sound of the charms is meant to ward off evil spirits and bring luck to the newlyweds.

There are plenty of unique wedding traditions in China, from the customary tea ceremony to the ornate red and gold invitations. One particularly unusual custom, however, involves the shooting of bow and arrows. As the tradition goes, the groom will use headless arrows to shoot his bride three times. After that, he will collect the arrows and snap them during the ceremony, to ensure the couples' long-lasting love.

In Greece, it is traditional for brides to wear a delicate "Stefana crown" on their wedding day. This ornate crown symbolises an honour being bestowed on the bride by God and is an important part of the union in Greek orthodox wedding ceremonies. Another popular wedding tradition in Greece is the quite literal role of the "groomsman". Before the ceremony, the groom's best man has the responsibility of shaving the groom's face. This action is meant to signify trust and companionship. 

There are many things that make German weddings unique, from the ceremony itself to the fun and games leading up to the big day. One unusual German tradition occurs the evening before the happy couple ties the knot – it's known as Polter night (or Polterabend). During Polter night, the wedding guests smash up pieces of porcelain in order to bring luck to the bride and groom and scare away any evil spirits. 

One of the many wedding traditions celebrated in Russia involves the custom of "paying the ransom". This involves the groom going to the bride's home on the morning of their big day so that they can travel to the ceremony together. However, it isn't that simple! When the groom arrives, he has to get past a series of tests and questions set by the bride's friends before he can cross the threshold and be reunited with his other half.

There are so many wedding traditions that are celebrated across India. After all, Indian wedding celebrations usually last at least three days, and they're packed with unique traditions (with plenty of partying thrown in!) One important element of the celebrations is the Misri ceremony. In this custom, the couple exchange flower garlands, rings, and prayers to bring happiness to the union. During the Misri, the couple will also be presented with a basket of gifts and sweets including rock sugar. The sugar is meant to symbolise the sweetness of their future together.

On our final stop on our trip around the world, we land in Mexico. One unique Mexican wedding tradition is "el Lazo" also known as the "wedding lasso". This custom involves the bride and groom being connected by a lasso crafted from rosary beads and flowers. Being united by the lasso represents their coming together as one and is a way of celebrating their everlasting love. Of course, these are only a few of the thousands of wonderful wedding traditions that are celebrated worldwide – each country has something unique to offer, full of beauty and symbolism.

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