Jewellers Angelic Diamonds reveal why micro weddings are here to stay

Close up of bride and groom's hands Over the past year, we've all had to adapt to a new way of living and the rising popularity of micro weddings, defined as a wedding with fewer than 20 guests, has proved that there's always a way to celebrate love, even during turbulent times. These weddings are considered to be a more intimate form of celebration, often with a shorter running time, a smaller budget, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Jewellers Angelic Diamonds reveal the many benefits and, even though bigger weddings will be back with a bang, how the mini wedding trend is also here to stay.

*Better for the budget
One benefit of hosting a micro wedding is the reduced cost. Having fewer guests means that the savings could be invested into the honeymoon or used for additional elements of the wedding day that wouldn't have been accounted for previously. Brides-to-be can splash out more on their wedding dress or choose a venue and location that they've always wanted. Neil Dutta from Angelic Diamonds tells us, "Couples have been spending more on engagement and wedding rings recently." He explains that the restrictions placed on larger weddings during the past year have led to couples looking for other ways to express their love and spend their wedding funds. "Investing more in the wedding rings or diamond engagement ring is one great way of doing that."

*An intimate affair
One of the nicest things about micro weddings is that they're sure to make the special day feel even more intimate with enough time to share quality moments with your nearest and dearest. Smaller affairs let loved ones know how truly special they are.

*Breaking traditions
Another fabulous thing about having a micro wedding is that it allows couples to personalise their special day. With just the close-knit circle present, they can celebrate in a way that best suits them, with no need to worry about what others may think. Without the constraints of a traditional ceremony, couples can get creative about what they wear, who walks who down the aisle, and pretty much every other element. The beauty of the micro wedding is that it can be carefully curated much more easily than a larger extravaganza.

While many couples will rejoice the return of large affairs, one thing that lockdown has taught us is that there's more than one way to celebrate and the best way is the one that works best for both partners.

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