Karen Lee-Thompson, founder of Wo, talks innovative skincare

Karen Lee-Thompson, founder of Wo, an innovative holistic skincare company disrupting the beauty industry, tells us why the team behind the brand is so  passionate about what they do.

Karen Lee-Thompson, founder of Wo Tell us a bit about why you founded Wo

I have over 20 years of experience within skincare innovation, working for numerous big names in the industry. However, I felt there was something missing, especially surrounding holistic and inclusive skincare. One day I noticed my daughter’s skin started to change as she grew older – at first her skin was like mine, sometimes oily and easy to tan. Then she started developing freckles similar to her English Grandpa. At that point, I decided to find out more. Scientific research shows that ethnic heritage is the genetic canvas that influences the behaviour of our skin. As well as this our overall physical, mental health and lifestyle are also important. This is why our Skin Diagnostic considers all these aspects and why our products are suitable for all skin.

What makes Wo so different?

We are the only brand that truly incorporates ethnic profiling to deliver skincare that serves diverse skin needs and characteristics. We provide clarity, most importantly we empower skin confidence through a deeper understanding of the factors impacting your skin. Our mono-dosage format is travel friendly, recyclable and measured so that you use only what you need, less waste, less fuss.

Can you tell us more about the Skin Diagnostic?

Our Skin Diagnostic was developed alongside skin science experts to provide our customers with a skincare solution tailored to their needs. The key difference is that we take every aspect of you and your lifestyle into account, including your ethnicity, which is often overlooked. The Diagnostic calculates your unique skin scores based on your answers and recommends which of our products are best suited to you.

You say the brand is backed by skin science, could you tell us more?

Skincare is science, but we help consumers to understand their skin and the products they use by keeping things simple. In terms of skin science, we formulated our products and developed our Skin Diagnostic with skin experts who have worked within the industry for decades. A skin scientist’s expertise is vital in understanding how ingredients work and come together to create skincare that delivers results and is compliant with safety regulations. We also worked with cosmetics regulatory and product safety advisors who safeguard our formulations. We go above and beyond the basic regulatory requirement, to give our customers the best.

Are there any ingredients we may be surprised to find in your products?

All of our products are formulated with high performance ingredients as well as the best of what nature has given us. The Daily Base™ Comfort Balm was formulated by leading Korean innovation experts and uses Asian fermentation technology – which starts trending in the industry. For example, it contains fermented Shiunko known for boosting collagen and renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.

What challenges have you faced as a brand?

The biggest challenge we faced was launching in the midst of the pandemic. Like for many brands, we had to adapt and keep positive. However, it has been a learning experience, making us stronger in the long term. We are also a disrupter brand in the market, we look different, and we do things differently meaning we work harder to establish ourselves in the industry. This also means we have the opportunity to share our expertise with people and empower consumers to take back control of their own skin!

Discover more at https://wearewo.com

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