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Mask your skin concerns

From dull-to-dry, irritated-to-spot prone, sometimes our skin is in need of some extra TLC. Using a face mask is not just a great way to pamper yourself but it can be amazing for targeting specific skin concerns. 

No individual skin problem can be universally treated, therefore you should look for a mask that will target your personal skin concern. Here are some of the best masks to target specific skin concerns.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 1

If your skin is lacking hydration, then you will notice the skin may appear flaky and feel slightly rough. To quench your skin's thirst, you will need a mask that is rich in nourishing ingredients, that will repair skin cells and leave your skin feeling plump and nourished.

Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate £20.00 www.cultbeauty.co.uk
This 5-in-1 wonder cream acts as a deeply hydrating face mask boosting the skin's essential fatty acids and vitamins to accelerate cell renewal and nourish your complexion. Brilliant also as a primer, moisturiser, make-up remover and after-shave cream, this multi-tasker is excellent for hydrating dry skin.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 1

COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Spa Overnight Mask £22.99 www.feelunique.com
With more than 68% of rice extract this overnight mask will quench your skin's thirst overnight by providing intensive nourishment and deep hydration, so you wake up with soft, supple and hydrated skin. Rice extract is a great ingredient for a deeper penetration of moisture into the skin, it is also rich in nutrients and boosts collagen production to help speed up skin cell repair.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 2

If your skin is prone to acne and oilier than you want, a clay mask will be your best friend, helping to purify the skin and absorb excess oil. Clay masks are often rich in anti-oxidants, clearing pores of any build-up of impurities or oil that cause blockages and the formation of pimples.

Funderm No Drama Natural Red Clay Mask £32.00 www.funderm.com
NO DRAMA is a natural red clay mask made from a prebiotic and probiotic formula to purify your skin and eliminate unwanted dirt in the pores, whilst balancing the skin surface. This mask is made of a blend of clinically-proven active ingredients leaving your skin balanced and beautiful.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 2

Silky Bae Bae Mask £19.99 www.silkybae.com
The Bae Mask is a clay mask infused with antioxidant-rich green tea to help draw out impurities and excess oils from the skin leaving it feeling fresh. Green tea is the natural alternative to chemicals helping to soothe any acne cause irritation and reduce and inflammation caused by pimples.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 3

For tackling dull skin try a mask that gently exfoliates to remove any dead skin cells that may be causing a duller appearance. Egg whites and fruit infused masks are great for naturally exfoliating the skin without the harsh chemicals, creating a glowing complexion by gently removing the dead skin cells from the skins surface.

Oh K! Egg White Sheet Mask £4.00 Indulge Beauty at www.thefragranceshop.co.uk
This sheet mask will brighten your skin by giving it a boost of protein. Experts swear by egg whites for perfect pores as the protein helps gently exfoliate the pores, extracting sebum resulting in the skin feeling tighter and giving it a luminous glow.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 3

Embryolisse Gentle Night Peeling £18.00 www.feelunique.com
This overnight mask gently exfoliates the skin fruit acid from caviar lemon that is softened by the regenerating cocktail of nourishing macadamia, argan oils, shea butter and beeswax so you can wake up with a brighter complexion and youthful appearance.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 4

For sensitive skin it is important to avoid mask with harsh ingredients and look for a mask that is rich in natural ingredients that will soothe the skin. Irritated skin can appear red due to inflammation therefore you will need something that will gently repair these damaged skin cells without causing further irritation.

Banobagi Milk Thistle Repair Mask £3.20, www.glamtouch.co.uk
This sheet mask is made from a special formula containing milk thistle which is a strong antioxidant, burdock root extract which is high in anti-inflammatory properties, cantell asiatica the miracle worker soothes sensitive skin and copper tripeptide is great for repairing skin and maintaining the skins barrier, effective for anti-ageing.

Mask your skin concerns: Image 4

COSRX Ultimate Moisturising Honey Overnight Mask £22.99 www.feelunique.com
This overnight gel mask contains a natural blend of beeswax and propolis extract which works to reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. The mask is so lightweight that it is absorbed into the skin very quickly, leaving the skin hydrated and baby-soft, so you can wake up with stress free skin.Please don't hesitate to get in touch regarding samples, imagery or further information.

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