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Wedding Planning: Borrow from Business

Wedding Planning: Borrow from Business: Image 1 We caught up with Seaham- and Wiltshire-based Erica Wolfe-Murray, business expert and Author of 'Simple Tips Smart Ideas', for her help with budgeting for your wedding...

Set yourself a budget
Just as you have a budget for managing your personal finances, it is vital to do the same for any big event, but none more so than a wedding. Costs can spiral out of control very easily, so it's important to understand what you are looking to spend – and make every effort to stick to it.

Plan ahead
Every business has a monthly and an annual calendar. This allows you to see what you need to be doing well in advance, to plan ahead with your cashflow, to ensure you have control of the company. A wedding is no different. Look to see what tasks you can do well in advance, what needs to happen six months before, three months before, then have a weekly and daily count down to the event. It is vital to tie this in with your budget so you know what sums you are committing when and that you have the money to pay when needed.

Buy smart
If you're lucky enough to run your own business, think about how you work with your suppliers. To keep costs down you may buy in advance, when you can negotiate a good deal. Go through your list of wedding expenditure to see what is worth sorting out well ahead of the game. And if the wedding is in a year or more's time – try to negotiate for this year's prices. The venue, caterer and photographer will be just some of the suppliers who will be happy to have you in their order book for next year.

Identify what skills family and friends can offer
If you have a wonderful group of friends and a family who are keen to contribute, take some time to discover what they could do. Are their any hidden skills or useful talents they could offer? In business – you know what is on people's CVs, what they can bring to the workplace, so put out a call on Facebook, asking who might be prepared to offer what… But do remember to check the standard of what they offer, and if they really have the time/inclination. Relying on favours can be tricky, but can really help to extend your budget.

Learn from those who bring experience
Don't let hard-earned knowledge from others go to waste. If you've had friends who've recently got married, invite them over together to ask for their tips and advice. We do this the whole time in both our business and personal life, so don't lose that valuable source of great information.

And finally – remember to enjoy the lead up to the event as well as the big day
The harder you work in the preparations, the more you will reap the rewards of it all going smoothly. Have a wonderful day!

Follow Erica on Instagram: @ericawolfemurray

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