New planner reveals when you can afford to tie the knot

two women at a kitchen counter looking at laptop and planning things out With wedding costs rising by 3,000% since the 1950s, and set to reach an all-time high in the 2020s, making and sticking to a wedding budget can be a real headache for couples. To help would-be newlyweds with the complex task of budget planning their big day, the wedding finance team at have created a new wedding budget planner, to help couples account for all their costs for each stage of their dream wedding.

The new planning tool also helps you calculate the earliest date you should set for your big day, based on how long it will take you to save up enough money to pay for your dream wedding. The wedding budget planner page also has lot of tips to help couples save cash, including:

  • How to save on food and catering
  • How to get wedding flowers on a budget
  • How to cut the cost of your wedding dress
  • How to decorate for less
James Andrews, wedding finance editor at, said: "When creating a wedding budget, it's a good idea to separate pre-wedding expenses such as bride and/or groom attire and wedding rings, from on the day expenses such as food and drink and extras like hair and makeup. This way you're less likely to forget to include little extras that tend to add up and you're able to clearly see everything you will be spending on the whole event. Our wedding budget planner separates expenses into the above categories, saving you the hassle and helping you do your wedding on a budget!.
"Although saving up for a wedding can seem like a laborious task, there are simple steps you can take to make cuts without compromising on your dream day. The wedding budget planner page has several tips and tricks so you can painlessly cut the cost of your nuptials with minimal compromise."

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