England's most popular themed wedding

man in suit holding shoe After last year's wedding wipeout, it looks set to a bumper year for nuptials - so how do you set your wedding apart from the rest? Whether you've always dreamt of a traditional white wedding or you're excited to put your own twist on the romantic day, the planning is all part of the fun! With so many options out there, however, it can be difficult to settle on a theme. By analysing Google search data, Angelic Diamonds discovered England's 22 favourite wedding themes based on films and TV shows! Here at County Wedding Magazines HQ it's hard to pick our favourite!

bride climbing in a pumpkin on a carousel Theme | Search Hotspot | Average searches per month

Cinderella | Midlands | 2,640
Harry Potter | Midlands | 1,480
Beauty & The Beast | Midlands | 1,100
Twilight | Midlands | 890
Friends | Midlands | 890
Peaky Bliders | Midlands | 690
Star Wars | Midlands | 660
Alice In Wonderland | Midlands | 530
Lego | Midlands |490
Great Gatsby | Midlands | 320
Game of Thrones | North West | 290
Snow White | Midlands | 290
Batman | North West  |280
Lord of The Rings | North East | 250
Frozen | North West  | 210
Sleeping Beauty | South East | 210
Tangled | North East | 200
Dowton Abbey | Midlands | 200
Shrek | South East | 180
Little Mermaid | Midlands |180
Doctor Who | Midlands | 150
Avengers | North West | 150

To find out more check out: angelicdiamonds.com/wedflix

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