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Hi. We are Hello There Films.

We create hopelessly romantic, timeless, cinematic films for you to cherish forever.

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Categories: Videography



A wedding film for you to cherish forever

Seeing, hearing, feeling.

Seeing a loved ones laugh, hearing them telling you that you look beautiful in your dress, feeling the emotion when they give you the hug before setting off to walk down the aisle.

There’s a reason it’s called moving image. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then how many does 25 crammed into one second say?

You spend time picking a celebrant, your partner spends time perfecting their speech, your Dad takes time to write and then plucks up the courage to give the most wonderful delivery of old memories in his speech - wouldn’t it be a shame not to be able to hear that again?

That’s what a great wedding film will offer. Not just beautiful visuals, but wonderful audio memories too.

Seeing + hearing = feeling.

In cinema, it’s argued that sound is more than 50% of the film There are more people than you can imagine that work as part of a sound team on your favourite movie. It goes hand in hand; it’s *as* important.

Photographic memories are amazing. What video offers is the lead up to why someone laughs, the before and after of a joke, the reason why someone is smiling, what causes happy tears during a speech. Seeing someone smile when they don’t know they’re on camera is a wonderful thing, and one of our most favourite things to capture.

Celebrity interviews!

We have a great line up of experts to give you first hand advice and discussions about bridal fashion, hair, makeup, to name but a few!

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