How to choose the perfect underwear for your big day

There are so many different types of men’s underwear, choosing the best style for you is not necessarily the most straightforward task. The dilemma is knowing where to start your search. The team at has put together a guide to help you choose the best male underwear styles.

Some of it depends on body shape, some on personal preference. According to there are five different types of underwear: boxer, boxer brief, hipster, brief, and thong. Once you understand this you can then think a bit more about the types of fabric available and even the colours best suited to you.

Pants are probably the most important item in your wardrobe. Worn every day, they sit close to your skin and cover the more sensitive parts of your anatomy, so read on to discover the difference between the main men’s underwear types and gain an insight into what will help you look good and feel great.

Boxer shorts
Boxer shorts are the classic underwear style. First marketed by Everlast in the 1920s, they still have a feel of vintage America, which is why we turn to Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger first. Boxers are normally made of pure cotton and are quite loose fitting. Often designed with a button fly, they generally sit on your hips and reach over the tops of your thigh.

The boxer brief The boxer brief is the modern classic. The go-to pants for a generation. Of course, the benchmark is Calvin Klein, who started the stretch boxer revolution in the early 1990s, but most brands now have boxer briefs in their repertoire. Boxer briefs are a variation on the original boxer but are made from stretch fabric – often cotton with a touch of elastane, or alternatively modal, which is softer, with a silkier touch, again with a touch of elastane. The cut is generally more fitted, though how much depends on the brand. The best styles provide more support where it matters, offer better definition behind, and are cut closer to the thigh. These are usually worn higher on the hips to show off the waistband and sit between the middle and the top of the thigh.

The men's brief The men's brief is made from stretch cotton with a touch of elastane in order to enhance definition and add extra comfort. Designed so the leg hole curves up towards the top of the thigh, this is perfect for the man with bigger thighs, as there is no likelihood of the fabric bunching. If you’ve been working on those thighs in the gym, the brief is the perfect vehicle for showing them off to the best effect and as they sit lower on the hips, they’re quite good at enhancing a flat stomach as well.

Hipster pants The Hipster style offers the best of many worlds: comfort, a shorter leg, so there is no uncomfortable bunching; and a lower rise, meaning the waistband sits below the hips, all the better to show off your six-pack. Made from stretch cotton or modal, which is made from beech tree pulp and has a silky touch, the hispter is more body-hugging than many boxer briefs and still gives full coverage at the rear. It has grown in popularity alongside the fashion for skinny trousers and is ideal for the tall, slim guy.

The men's thong The men's thong is part of the skimpy-brief family that includes the jockstrap and the G-string.

Before purchasing your underwear, consider your body shape. Your priority should be comfort so choose a style that is likely to make you most comfortable. Try and start with the classic colours. Work out what you look good in, and what tones with your skin, before you venture into the world of colour.

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