The bridal accessory trends of 2023

bride in heart glasses Here, Watch Exchange London has analysed Google trend data (within the past 3 months), to determine the bridal accessory trends of 2023.

Bridal Watches 4,700% uplift
Traditionally, bridal jewellery is all about the ring however, according to Google trend data the search term bridal watches has received a 4.700% uplift. 'There is an uplift in brides opting to wear a classic timepiece on their wedding day, whether that be a family heirloom that is their 'something borrowed', or a 'something new', that is a gift from their spouse. A bridal watch is often the 'showpiece', that is donned to reflect an overall style that is so classic it's abidingly modern.

Pink Bridal Jewellery 241.63% uplift
The influence of Carrie Bradshaw adding blue shoes to her bridal look is still going strong and brides aren't afraid to add colour to their traditional ivory looks. This season is set to see a rise in pink bridal jewellery as the search term sees an uplift of 241.63%. Viva Magenta is the pantone colour of 2023, ensuring the colour dominates interiors, fashion and of course, weddings. Brides are likely to not only incorporate the colour within their décor, but also their overall look.

Bridal Gloves 279.67% uplift
Opera gloves dominated the Met Gala and 2023's award season. As the term bridal gloves receives a 2.79.67% uplift, it's clear that the trend is set to take over the 2023 wedding season. Whether its sheer opera gloves scattered with pearls, satin and tulle wrist length or feather trimmed, the bridal glove look can be adapted to reflect the style of every bride.

Groomsman Watches 7.200% uplift
The gifting of the wedding party often serves as a predicament for couples. Often, they are reluctant to purchase gifts that the recipient is unlikely to use or will be perceived as cliche. Gifting a watch to groomsman ensures that there is less worry with regards to the recipient's personal style and that every member of the party can receive the same gift, avoiding a perception of favouritism.

Bridal Bow 267.76% uplift
A 267.76% uplift in the search term bridal bow is no surprise as bows are being used within bouquets, to style bridal hair post veil and as a statement look on the dress itself. Oversized bows are a spin on a classic, and its likely that brides will continue to favour classic designs that are uplifted with trend led fabrics.

Bridal Chandelier Earrings 9.900% uplift
Often, brides wish to mix up their look for the evening. Adding jewellery to a brides look is a great way to do this, especially if it includes costume jewellery. The search term bridal chandelier earrings has seen a 9.900% uplift in searches. This is no surprise as brides often wish to add detail to their profile once they remove their veil. Groom Watches 175.57% uplift We are seeing a continuous uplift year on year of the search term groom watches. Often, the gift of a watch is a no brainer on a wedding day as not only is it timeless, but it also serves as a future heirloom that holds sentimental value. The trend of gifting a watch to a groom is likely to continue as financially, its investment is as affordable or costly as the person gifting wants it to be.

Bridal sunglasses 300% uplift
A 300% percent uplift of the search term bridal sunglasses ays to use their looks to reflect their personal sense of style. Often, brides opt to modify their glasses look by choosing heart shaped frames, frames that are accessorised with gemstones or even colours to match their overall theme.

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