With conscious consumerism on the rise, brides are charmed by The Vintage Ring Company

With conscious consumerism on the rise, brides are charmed by vintage jewellery It's perhaps no surprise that a growing number of engagement ring shoppers are opting for vintage pieces and for many couples, an engagement ring is the first piece of fine jewellery they'll own. Conscious consumerism is on the rise, with significant spikes in online search terms like 'recycled', 'sustainable' and 'ethical' recently reported. Increasingly, customers are drawn to vintage jewellers like The Vintage Ring Company not only because they have an eye for beautiful jewellery, but because they're charmed by the notion of offering a pre-loved jewel a second lease of life, avoiding the need for new materials and further manufacturing. Also, vintage engagement rings are a little more affordable than customers might anticipate, with the golden rule being spend what you can afford.

Vintage engagement rings boast a charming timelessness that makes them apt for the role of a family heirloom. At this time, the responsibility and symbolic value of the engagement ring is perhaps weightier than ever and we expect to see an increased appreciation of the romantic and traditional; of new family legacies, emblematic details and enduring design. With that in mind, here are some of the vintage engagement ring trends we're anticipating for the coming months...

*Old-cut diamonds
The term 'old-cut' means an antique diamond cut characterised by facets that are slightly chunkier and more organic than the precise machine-cut facets of the modern brilliant-cut we see most commonly today. Faceted by hand, old-cut diamonds boast a depth of sparkle unmatched by the surface glitter of modern cuts. Dominating the scene up until the 1930s, old-cut stones are fabled little chunks of history; unique, unrepeatable and oozing with character. This instils them with longevity and undeniable romantic value.

*Band-style hybrid rings
An increasing number of couples are finding solace in all-encompassing bands that celebrate both the engagement and wedding. Victorian gypsy rings like the Peggy and Annie bands are unapologetically bold yet incredibly easy to wear, thanks to their smooth profiles and deep gemstone settings.

If you haven't binge-watched the latest season of The Crown yet, you'll have missed the moment Lady Diana chose her engagement ring; a whopping sapphire framed by a halo of white diamonds. Now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Diana's halo sparkler is considered one of the most iconic engagement rings in history, thanks to fashion's enduring fascination with all things Diana and the absolute classicism of the design. The timeless halo setting offers the opportunity to attain an impactful style without the price tag, appearing to maximise the centre stone.

*Coloured gemstones
More couples than ever are exploring the technicolour dreamworld of coloured gemstones. Considerably more affordable than white diamonds, tough gemstones like rubies and sapphires are a wonderful opportunity to go large - without breaking the bank. Coloured gemstones are heavily imbued with symbolism, lore and talismanic qualities, making them perfect for those drawn to meaningful jewellery.

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