We chat to Sarah Barrett, creative director at Lyn Ashworth

We chat to Sarah Barrett, creative director at Lyn Ashworth about sustainable designs Sarah Barrett, creative director at Lyn Ashworth is passionate about British bridal design making a big comeback this year and throughout 2021 that will herald a shift towards craftsmanship and sustainable bridal fashion. She tells us, "I believe there will be some good that will come out of the pandemic. Here at the Lyn Ashworth HQ, we're already working towards a trans-seasonal approach to bridal rather than the fast timelines, focussing on slow bridal fashion that's made-to-order. I believe we must look to stop over-creating and over-producing by having a more thoughtful approach to bridal fashion. Remembering what is beauty today, was beauty yesterday and will be beauty tomorrow."

Designing a style for today's ever-evolving bride while maintaining the Lyn Ashworth brand ethos allows each collection to be created in an organic, sustainable way. The design emphasis is on sustainability, creativity, and craft; encouraging brides to consume consciously and thoughtfully while choosing their bridal gown.

Sarah tells us, “The environmental impacts of over-production within the fashion and bridal industry are  devastating. To ensure our brand maintains its core values and does not overproduce, we aim to create evolving collections, which stand the test of time."

Every Lyn Ashworth gown is meticulously designed and made with love on a made-to-order for each individual bride by the dedicated creative team. By working this way, there is limited fabric waste and therefore significantly less environmental impact within the production footprint. 

Lyn Ashworth are thrilled to announce a brand-new collection will be dropping intermittently throughout 2021 starting with the evolving edition of the much-loved Champagne Blush.

Sarah adds, “As we now move into the light of a new year of bridal, it's time to show you a peek of our evolving edition of 'Champagne Blush'. Each voluminous tier connects, each detachable layer, allowing for multiple styles for the bride and creating a design that can be worn and loved beyond the wedding day. This modern take on romanticism encapsulates movement, mixing 'elements of couture’ whilst evolving for the woman today and allowing a woman to draw on her inner style and beauty.”

Sarah has decided to waive any last-minute orders or rush orders meaning that brides will not only save £180 but also feel reassured that they will be able to choose their dream dress, no matter the lead-time.

For more information visit www.lynashworth.com

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