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Sole mates

Sole mates

Q. Keen to find the perfect wedding shoes? Here's bridal designer Kate Fearnley's guide to what you should consider…

A. Kate Fearnley says: 1 How tall are you?
Before you rush out and buy those skyscraper heels, it's worth bearing in mind what this will look like in photos. “I would always advise that the heel isn't going to have the bride towering over the groom and also isn't a health hazard, as we would hate to think of a bride taking a topple on the big day.”

2 How long's your gown?
Don't forget you've also got to factor in the precise length of your dress before the shoe shopping begins. “As a bespoke dress designer, I would advise our customers to bring their wedding shoes to their dress fittings, as heel height does affect posture. We also need the actual shoes that will be worn to enable us to fit the dress to the perfect length.”

3 Where's the wedding?
You've chosen a tipi in the middle of a field – are those Jimmy Choos really the best choice? “Location is always an important factor – I would expect our brides to consider this when deciding on a shoe style. Heels stuck in a muddy field isn't a good look!”

4 Can you wear them in?
As much as you want to save them for best, it's always wise to give your chosen shoes a trial run – just not on your Newcastle city centre hen. “I would definitely advise brides to give wedding shoes a good trial in the comfort of their own home. This will wear in the shoes and also will keep the shoes clean.”

5 Will they last the distance?
While lusting after those designer numbers is one thing, choosing practical footwear that won't see you dancing barefoot at the end of the night is a much more level-headed option. “Choose comfort over and above everything else. It's a long day, and painful shoes won't make for happy photographs! Our range of shoes are incredibly comfortable, and you don't have to compromise on style, either.”

Kate Fearnley

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