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Look good on the dancefloor

Look good on the dancefloor

Q. My hubby-to-be is, to put it bluntly, an awful dancer. He's just admitted he's worrying about our first dance, so how can I put him at ease before our big day in six months' time?

A. Joanne Birt says: Wedding first dances can be daunting for many brides and grooms, but one simple thing to remember is that it is your special moment as a couple. As long as you both have fun, your wedding guests will enjoy watching you both – plus you will remember it forever!

However, I specialise in wedding dances and can choreograph some simple movements to your song choice, which will help your hubby-to-be with his two left feet. I offer a friendly and fun service that caters to anyone's needs, and you'll be surprised at how quickly he could progress into a nifty mover!

Joanne Birt